23 Ekim 2014 Perşembe


Do unflattering photos or embarrassing blog postings pop up when someone Googles your name? Or are you concerned about your privacy in this new digital age? With Google's excellent indexing of the Internet, the reality is that friends, family members and employers can find out more information about you than you potentially want them to, just by "Googling" your full name. Here are a few ways of getting out of this situation.


1 Stop using your full name. The best way to "ungoogle" yourself is to not offer your full name or abbreviate your last name when signing up for online accounts, posting from your blog, or attaching yourself to any content that's published on the Internet. You can also create an online pen name or a screen name to go by.

2 Google yourself to find out what other people are seeing when they search your name. If you have a common name, it's possible that you'll be buried in the search results with all the other "Sarah Smiths" or "Chris Johnsons" in the world. Don't forget to search your name with quotation marks around it, as well as variations that include your middle name or initial.

3 Make changes to the content that's already been indexed by Google with your name on it. Change your name on public profiles that contain your name, such as blogs or social website accounts. Delete any accounts you might no longer use or might contain compromising or personal information.

4 Send an e-mail to the person responsible for a site that you don't directly control and politely ask either to have the content removed or your name changed or obscured. Politely explain your situation, and don't make empty threats about legal action.